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Marketing automation for small teams


Limitless contacts. Automation in every plan.

7Sheep gives you the tools to…


Capture and generate more leads through sign-up forms and landing pages.


Drip feed leads so when they are ready to buy, you’re sure it’s from you.


77% of marketing automation users have seen conversions increase.


Engage with your customers, keeping them coming back for more.

7Sheep is easy marketing automation


Build, keep and update all your contact lists.
Support the sales funnel for higher conversions.


Landing pages, customer feedback, surveys and registration forms.
Now, all in one place and linked to your contacts.


E-mail campaigns to be proud of.
Send newsletters and transactional mails, simply.


A 360° overview of your lead’s engagement.
Track interactions on your website and campaigns and drill down to lead level.


Set up your marketing campaigns and let them run.
From drip campaigns to individual interactions – the hard work done.

SMS Campaigns

Launch text campaigns easily.
Get your messages straight into your client’s hands.


Maintain a connection between marketing and sales teams.
Integrate your marketing efforts in your CRM system.

U are revolutionizing the #Marketing­Automation space

Sangram Vajre

Co-Founder and CMO, Terminus

The ideal marketing automation software for SMEs

Jonathan Newman

CEO, Spargo Communications

For a first time user of marketing automation tools, this is a great entry-level product.

Rick Rasmussen

Managing Director, Concordia Ventures