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Getting People to Talk About Themselves

How much information do people disclose on forms? That is the question that two researchers from the University of Cambridge and University College London sought to answer. Their research finds that 25% of web claim to have entered false data into forms, and their name is the most frequent item that they lie about. So what’s the upshot of their study? The most important thing to keep in mind in terms of marketing can be summarized by one brief statement in the study “It can be helpful to frame data collection as a social exchange rather than an economic exchange.” Privacy Economics Privacy economics is a field that analyzes how people make decisions about their privacy. In it, there’s a traditional assumption that people will generally fill as few fields as possible because 1) they want to reduce invasion of privacy, and 2) they want to put as little effort into typing as possible. This makes sense. It explains why Autofill has been around since 1997 to help people enter personal information without having to type it. But as internet forms become more prevalent, there has been a rising concern for privacy. So is it true that people fill in as few fields as possible? Well, if this assumption makes perfect sense, then the findings by these authors might surprise you. Fields and Incentives In general, their findings suggest that people will complete fields even when they are marked as optional. This shouldn’t make sense according to the aforementioned assumption because they are putting more effort to tell you more about themselves. Why? According to their findings, it’s because... read more

The Gif that Keeps on Giving

Anyone who has used the internet over the past few years has surely encountered gifs, particularly animated gifs, whether they realize it or not. Sometimes these are simple animations to make a website more lively instead of being static and dull, other times they are clips from famous shows or movies that most people would be able to relate to. But can these be used for marketing? The answer is an emphatic “yes.” Regardless of the situation, gifs can help you be more personable and there’s a gif for everything. Why The first and most important thing to keep in mind when using gifs is remembering one thing: emotion. Believe it or not, using gifs for communication and marketing has a lot to do with emotional intelligence and answering the question *“which emotion am I trying to communicate?”* Emotional Intelligence is understanding how emotions work both in yourself and in others in order to communicate properly. Gifs allow you to do this because they are infinitely more personable and can leave less room for misinterpretation than other forms of communicating. If a picture says a thousand words, and a gif is a compilation of images, then you really need to think about using gifs in your marketing campaigns. Lastly, use them because they are catchy. Websites and messages become more lively through gifs because there is motion that catches the reader’s eye and makes a website or e-mail look more exciting. When the reader engages with your message more as a conversation than an advertisement, it can have potentially huge rewards. For example, Dell increased their conversion rate by... read more

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the process of systematizing campaigns while simultaneously tailoring them to individual customers. The reason why it has become so popular is because it allows your marketing team to have personal interactions with more people than you have time or energy for, which translates into better relationships with your customers and more customer loyalty. Instead of simply targeting a demographic and spamming them, your automated campaign will nurture leads throughout the process and keep track of how engaged they are with your product and website. Are they actually opening your emails? Are they clicking through to your website? These are things that marketing automation allows you to measure and respond to systematically in order to communicate more effectively with your leads and clients. Marketing-generated leads – Inbound Marketing Before the spread of the internet, businesses would have to advertise a lot more in order to reach their audience, but now customers are overwhelmed with advertisements everywhere they go so they stop paying attention to them. Using marketing-generated and nurtured leads, marketing automation ensures that a personalised message is being delivered at exactly the right time. Your communications are being targeted at every point through the sales funnel ensuring that you know when your leads are hot – because your marketing made them that way. Companies using marketing automation experience conversion rates (from initial response to Marketing Qualified Lead) that are 53% higher than those not using a software. A simple automated campaign such as personalized birthday emails have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. Automation+Personalisation ensures meaningful, scalable communication with your targets. Tracking prospects – Nurturing... read more

Capterra’s 10 smart questions to ask during a demo, answered!

We get really excited about product demos! Why? The main reason is that we get to engage with potential clients and have a conversation with them! These conversations let us see their reactions to features and then start to build up an understanding of their needs. All of this can be really informative later for better onboarding. I read this blog article in Capterra about 10 smart questions to ask during a demo, I hope these are pretty standard questions during a demo. We’d like to move the conversation forward… so, to make both our lives easier, here are our answers to Capterra’s 10 questions: 1. What kind of support will I get? To start with, we price based on support. Data is not the main cost of each plan – this is why you have limitless contacts. However, users need support whether they have 600 or 6,000 contacts in a database. Strong support is important. We endevour to match every client with support staff in as close to your time-zone as possible. This is your contact person. We think that the consistency in support is super important – it is also much faster to understand where you are with the tool/match it up to difficulties you had in the past and, frankly, build a relationship with you if you only talk to one person wherever possible. The level of support does depend on the type of account that you have. Entrepreneur: This is e-mail support. You send us e-mails, we will reply. Probably with very helpful advice. Definitely with information on where you can find out more. Small... read more

How a simple tool can help you get great content and headlines

Content marketing may be hugely important to your business but what do you do on the days that you feel uninspired? Well, the very simple to use and free Portent’s Idea Generator is what you are looking for. From a simple keyword input it can help you develop content ideas by generating blog titles. And it even gives hints on ingredients to include within your article (my favourite so far – “19 things wikipedia doesn’t know about content generation”) To show you how quickly this works, I’ve taken 7Sheep as an inspiration and built 3 auto-generated headline examples and text from it. What everybody is saying about data Data driven marketing helps you to get to know your prospects and leads much better than ever before. Data can enrich your marketing strategy when used correctly and a tool such as 7Sheep can help you harness the power of that data. Why marketing automation will change your life Simple! Marketing automation saves your businesses time and money on the one-hand whilst seeing an increase in ROI, engagement and renewals on the other! 15 Reasons you should be talking about 7Sheep Because 7Sheep is marketing automation made easy and achievable. We combine the tools you want with the features you need in one stripped-back, self-service application. No more separate spreadsheets, online event, survey and e-mail marketing tools. 7Sheep brings it under one application. 7Sheep is the only affordable online tool that enables you do your business, better. With 7Sheep you can automate engagement. Automation means not only can you get on with more important work and save time but also improve... read more

New 7Sheep Manual and Help

We’ve had such a roll-out of new features recently, we’re delighted to let you know that we have also gone live with a new manual for 7Sheep. All the information that you need – now in an even easier format! We’ve also put in a new help button – hopefully large enough that everyone can find it! The contents of the manual can be searched for directly from 7Sheep and you can read the content there too – stripping away the need to have more than one window open. Of course – you can chat to us if we’re online and/or send us a message directly from within the tool. Contact us to find out more! Or, sign up for a free trial and see why 7Sheep is marketing automation made... read more

Create Powerful Personas

Creating a persona helps all marketers (and startups!) produce that person who will use / interact with your product or service. Building a great persona ensures that you are not only targeting the right people with your marketing narrative but also ensures that you look at the delivery of that product or service from the point of view of your client. Far from being a purely marketers task, often great personas can come from outside of your marketing team. We have included our entire team in the building of personas in the past – it has challenged our developers to look at the end-user of the product and across the board has provided valuable input. This runs through from product development to client and partner relations as well as helping define marketing campaigns. In fact, the fantastic tool personapp (more later!) said that “the act of creating it has as much value as the artefact you will be creating” and this is entirely true. How to build a persona You’re not just building a caricature – this is a person. We recommend you start with a user that you already know of – this gives you a real basis to flesh out a starter. What are the points here that are then a commonality which may feed into your created personas? You need to focus on: Who Who is this person? What is their age? gender? position? role? Habits Building from the who, what behaviour traits do they possess, what are their habits? (these could be vital into finding and utilising the correct marketing channels). Who are they working... read more

Now you can embed forms on your site in minutes!

We’re very excited to announce a new feature in 7Sheep – the possibility to embed public forms on your own website! And you won’t believe just how easy it is – in just three simple steps. Within an existing Activity, open Activity Settings In the Right Hand Pane, look underneath ‘Hint’ (see the red arrow in the picture above) Copy and paste this text into the HTML version of a page on your website And that’s it! This javascript snippet will do its magic on your webpage, including displaying a larger/smaller form depending on the number of fields you have, if you have included hidden fields etc. It will also automatically adapt to error messages for you too! And, of course, picks up the design settings you have defined. Want to get on board with marketing automation that is this easy? Contact us to find out more! Or, sign up for a free... read more

4 Easy Tips for a Better Contact List

Contact Databases, lists, client and potential client lists, potential leads, stakeholder lists – this is the life blood of most organisations and how we communicate. They come in all kinds, the amazing and the ugly. We’ve asked and analysed some of the best databases of our clients to bring you our top tips on how to create a functional database that works best for you. Done right, you have an incredibly powerful resource that you can easily segment (this means you can communicate your messages more directly and personally). Done badly and your list is as good as useless… 1) Salutation and title should be separate There are professors, doctors, medical doctors and engineers. In certain countries you have a myriad of titles which also won’t tell you their gender. These may also not be the way you write to them, for example a Minister will have a different formal title and salvation. Keep these separate and you will be able to easily automate mailings and address people in the correct terms (note that with 7Sheep every field can be included in an e-mail so that, as each e-mail is sent, it is personalised by the system on your behalf). 2) Be careful about storing gender This is two-fold. Have a look at the Facebook Gender options and you will see why on the one hand this can be a difficult list to create. On the other hand, we have been told that there are some countries, where gender is not deemed a necessary piece of information and by storing it without consent, you are contravening data protection law.... read more

The Most Challenging Obstacles to Marketing Automation Success

Ascend2 published a report on Marketing Automation Strategy. It gives a fascinating insight into not just adoption rates of marketing automation but also obstacles to its success. Lack of strategy, tool complexity and budgetary restraints are the three most commonly cited obstacles to marketing automation adoption, according to the the recent Asecend2 Marketing Automation strategy survey. And yes, only 7% of companies asked within the same survey did not have their sights set on implementing some Marketing Automation in the near future. According to nearly half (45%) of all companies surveyed, the most challenging obstacle to marketing automation success is the lack of an effective strategy. Expectations for marketing automation are however very high as 65% of companies stating that it is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing program. However, another interesting take-away is that only 24% of companies would only implement Marketing Automation using only in-house resources. Which means that there is a huge scope not just for external consultants but underlines the idea that these tools are complex. This means, for us, we have a great challenge to not only carry on simplifying without losing the power of the tool but also help to educate so that marketing automation is not seen as too complex to implement in-house. Want to see how easy marketing automation can be? Contact us to find out more! Or, sign up for a free trial and see why 7Sheep is marketing automation made... read more

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