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Marketing automation for small teams


Limitless contacts. Automation in every plan.

About us

7Sheep’s team is determined to make marketing automation accessible and affordable for every company, whatever your size.

Founded in Austria, and since the end of 2014 split between the USA and Europe, we are a dynamic, distributed team with a shared mission: We want you to have the right software, that you can use in-house at a price that lets you grow – it’s that simple!

The founding team have been working together for over 10 years on various projects, across continents. We’re united by a background in taking complicated solutions and making it easier and cheaper for our customers – we want you to save time and money! We’re not into building a solution for technology wizards – we want to give you all the power of a complex solution with everyone’s every-day computer skills.

We’re a bunch of geeks, marketers, mac lovers, hard grafters and adventurers, together we’re a paradigm-changing, risk taking, multi-lingual, slightly awkward lot.

Our company really does care – about our customers, about our product and about each other. We also thrive on caffeine and would love to have a real life or virtual coffee with you – get in touch!

The founding sheep herders!

Sarah Hayes

Get in touch!

Warning: Sarah’s passionate about small teams using marketing automation and can’t stop talking about it! She’ll also get side tracked talking about digital marketing, women in tech, startups, the EU, story telling, travel hacks and baking.

Mike Heininger

Say hi!

Mike will talk the technicalities of 7Sheep for you and especially get excited about integration projects! His development savvy customer focus comes with a huge dollop of knowledge management know-how. You can also talk about photography, you have a pinhole cam or some other analog old school piece then even more reason to say hi!

David Heininger

Want to chat?

Need to check on a bill? Need to talk about invoicing? David’s attention to detail says he’s your man. You can also compliment him on our awesome logo and talk about using the golden ratio in design!

Mario Uher

Geek out!

Apart from the development team, we’re not always sure that Mario is really speaking a language we understand: If you want to talk about implementing Ruby and Javascript then he’s your go-to man!